Wells Fargo got lazy and didn’t lock or guard the door last week.  As soon as I realized it was unlocked I went inside, causing the security to go nuts.  Much #lulz were had!

Move Your Money Flyers

These are the flyers we hand out every week.  The layout is designed to be printed double sided and then cut into quarter sheets.


Some pics from #FinancialFriday /  #OccupyTheBanks from April 27th, May 11th and May 18th.  We protest the banks every week in San Jose.. join us!

#SecretAgentMan does some kind of security for #WellsFargo.. been seen in San Jose a lot, recently spotted in SF for #WF24.  Anyone have any info about this guy?


Here are a few more pics, I have some of people speaking at the San Jose GA but don’t know if they want to be put on the web… So more to possibly come soon… Enjoy ^__^

#Anonymous taking over San Jose!! #expectus


More pics to come soon… enjoy ^__^

Tent Monster Anons


Occupy NOLA brings Sergent First Class SFC Tent  tentmonster to Occupy DC McPherson

Occupy the Banks - MayDay - Downtown Oakland

On MayDay we will be occupying banks in Oakland as part of the General Strike.

March will meet in front of Citibank on corner of 14th and Broadway at 1pm, after the rally at OGP/FOP. 

We will march to various Big Banks in downtown Oakland, and leave groups in front of each bank to help keep them shut down.

For more information about events in Oakland on MayDay, visit http://strikemay1st.com/119/

Few pics from April 13th #FinancialFriday in San Jose #oo #osf #osj #ows #occupy

I got tired of hearing how the 99% on my drum looked a lot like a 44%.. decided to get fancy and make a decal using duct tape and razor blade. 


#FinancialFriday on April 6.. #occupying banks is the shit! We do it every Friday ~ meet at SJ city hall 3pm #oo #osf #ows #occupy

Financial Friday - March 30 2012

It’s the last Friday of the month, which means we’re trying to get a big group together including folks from #OO and #OSF.

Instead of the usual downtown banks, this week we’re going to try something a little different.  The location will remain secret until Thursday night/Friday morning.  Plan to meet somewhere in San Jose between 3pm and 3:45pm.  There will be parking available.

We will protest 3 of the 4 big banks, including both Wells Fargo and BofA.

If you can drive, or if you need a ride, contact @OccupyManJose on twitter.