Occupy the Banks: Financial Fridays - By OakFoSho

If there’s one way to unite the 99 percent, it’s direct actions aimed at the big banks. People are angry, and it’s not hard to see why: Massive bailouts; exorbitant executive salaries; huge bonuses; dishonest and illegal lending practices; fee and rate hikes; all adding to American outrage. “Too Big to Fail” is a moniker that should be applied to the American people, not a financial institution whose collapse threatens the global economy.

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: Help Stop Gloria's Foreclosure!


Come out to support Gloria Takla, one of the 99% fighting to save her home from foreclosure!

What: A Press Event to support Gloria Takla who is facing foreclosure.

When: 4 PM, Thursday March 1.

Where: In front of the San Mateo County Superior Court, 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063.

#FinancialFriday - #Occupy the Banks in San Jose

This week we’re starting earlier than in past weeks:  We will rally at 3pm and march at 4pm sharp.  We will march on at least 4 banks.

Meet at San Jose City Hall (200 East Santa Clara Street) at 3pm, march at 4pm.

If traveling from Oakland/SF, try not to leave any later than 2pm to avoid traffic.

This is a nonviolent event ~ arrests are NOT likely at all.


Contact @occupymanjose on twitter for more info

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Bankrupting America: This Friday: Occupy Lent at Bank of America!


Via Occupy Boston:

Members of Occupy Boston and the Protest Chaplains will gather at the First National Bank Building (home to Bank of America) in Boston’s Financial District every Friday of Lent to pray for forgiveness from our society’s economic sins and our complicity with them. The…

All the pictures of #OGP taken on #N2 #GeneralStrike by #OakMtg city officials retrieved with FOIA request #quanemails

Protesting banks on Feb 17th in San Jose.  We had support from Occupy San Jose, Occupy San Fransisco, Occupy Oakland, and Occupy Silicon Valley!  Occupy Everywhere!

We do it every week for an event called Financial Friday. On the last Friday of the month we push for big numbers so if you can, try to make it out for Feb 24th!

Pics courtesy @bobsterrrob #OO #OSF #OSJ

Various pictures sent to city officials by #OPD on #N2 #GeneralStrike #OO #quanmail

A building in Athens burns during massive clashes on February 12, 2012. Greek police fired tear gas at petrol bomb-throwing protesters outside parliament, where tens of thousands had massed in a rally against austerity plans being debated by MPs. 

Bankrupting America: Detroit activists protest at Bank of America branch


Detroit BofA Protest

Via Detroit Free Press:

Activists with Occupy Detroit and other groups say they’ll hold regular protests of what they call abusive lending practices and banks’ part in the mortgage crisis.

On Thursday, they kicked off what they’re calling 99% Spring with a protest outside a Bank of…



Occupy, as a movement, succeeds wildly when we use creativity, humor and optimism to confront the extremely grave and heartbreaking inequalities in our society. The ‘Perfect Storm’ of socio-economic conditions that allowed our movement to get our foot in the door is often too frightening; too intimidating; too hopeless seeming for the average person to think of confronting. We are waging a struggle against centuries of entrenched violence, oppression and exploitation. Instead of drawing in a trickle of people who have long girded and steeled themselves for protracted street fighting and insurrection, let us try for a tsunami of people who confront the worst evils we have ever known with a smile on their faces and perhaps the first twinkle of hope they have ever known in their eyes. 

I don’t know that the old way of #oo and #osf (and perhaps even #ows altogether) are working in the post-camp environment. Let’s shake it up a bit, be creative, and be what the powers that be do not want and can not afford us to be. There will be plenty of time for street fighting and such when the tanks are in the streets. Right now, let’s concentrate on getting the streets filled with people! 

And so, I propose a #catbloc. It doesn’t have to just be cats, but let’s make it funny, creative, and amazing! keep it upbeat and humorous in spite of the crushing despair or blinding rage that fills us when examining some of the things we face. We can be violent, and we can resort to property destruction; we know we can, it’s easy. The point is, let’s take that higher road while we still can - let’s reach out to our oppressed brothers and sisters in other parts of town - let’s reach out to our forlorn brothers and sisters in the suburbs - let’s reach out and do it with smiles and optimism. We are the light that people are looking for in their lives right now. We stood up and stood fast against terrible opposition this fall and winter. Let’s be the spring that this nation and this planet deserves. CAN WE JUST TRY IT PLEASE? 

I love you all! Let’s do this!



Susie Cagle - Soul

I agree that this is a major issue with #OO: lack of focus on economic issues.  #OPD is fucked up and bullshit, but #Occupy needs to keep their eye on the prize at all times.


“Why the hell aren’t they standing in front of a bank all day every day, jamming the engines? No no, we’re gonna tear up city hall, we’re gonna tear up whatever.” Soul speaking on Occupy and Oakland at the “Stand WIth Oakland” anti-OO rally on Monday afternoon, February 5.